Mumbai, Terrorism and Blood on the Streets

Mumbai, a city I call my own. 

Taj HotelI have walked these streets, frequented these hotels, rode the trains, and been in the homes of the movers and shakers of Mumbai. Once, while speaking at the Mumbai Rotary Club, in the Taj Hotel, the Tata family invited me to their home.

I have been a house guest of Shantilal Somaiya, India's great "Sugar Barron" and benefactor of charities and consider P.N. Mongre of the Indian Merchant's Chamber and many others, valued friends.

I know the people, know their hearts, and know the virtues of Mumbai's best leaders. It is a city that continues to succeed with so much energy, that with India's growth, is one of the world's great financial centers.

Mumbai targeted, but why?

Taj Hotel under attack

Mumbai is the great success story of India. Success brings envy and resentment from those who have not achieved. It is a city of business, a city that has grown dynamically. A city that has stressed hard work, intelligence, and economic expansion, instead of politics. The leaders of Mumbai, have long considered the ravings of Islamic fundamentalists, ravings of men verging on "mental illness".

While other cities have focused on politics and religion, Mumbai has focused on working, creating wealth, creating opportunity, and giving people jobs instead of guns. Those with religious zeal fermented into bizarre hatred, feel that they can only get attention with terror.

Train station

The "warped terrorists" who have combined religion with politics and a healthy dose of violent extremism, draw blood, even while some bow on prayer blankets in a train station,believing that "terror" is their power. They are so warped they don't realize that their actions only bring disrepute of their causes, their "beliefs" and repudiation of their warped leaders. Mumbai's citizens, yes even the rich and successful of Mumbai, have achieved something that the radical terrorists have not. I speak this becauseI know the good people of Mumbai personally. They are my friends, and I have seen their works.

Mumbai, has more charities, more colleges, more charitable organizations funded by it's successful leaders, than any city of India. And these organizations do NOT PREACH Islamic violence, religious violence or fundamentalist ravings. They have stressed the attributes of tolerance, love,intelligence, and served to prepare, even the unfortunate, to live good productive lives. Lives that pull people up, not shatter them with fear, death and violence.

The people of Mumbai, will rebuild, and the society there, will continue to progress. This event, where men armed with AK 47's and grenades systematically target public places, will not impede Mumbai's spirit. My friends, brothers and sisters of Mumbai, this event will stimulate you to work harder, to build even a more dynamic society. Just like those men who decided to use their own initiative to make a rope of curtains to climb out of the Taj, Mumbai will use it's initiative!

Street in Mumbai

Those who can only get attention by guns and death are like sad, insecure children, who cry and break things, because they don't have the intelligence, or love to gain attention. Those "children" will be punished and dismissed, as Mumbai moves forward. The "evil" ones who try to hide and cloak themselves in religious costumes, or violent political rhetoric, will find themselves in a hell of their own making.

But, we, the "Global Connected Generation" are all "Citizens of Mumbai", in a way. We all strive toward a civilized world where our friends and families can find peace, love and prosperity. When our family is wounded or hurt, we all feel sympathy and pain.


Our hearts go out to you. We encourage you to have strength and the resilience that you are famous for. Your success is our success. Now is the time for thoughtful, insightful, deep, and balanced leadership. It is the time for the global generation, to shine, and provide a calm, strong statement of true values. Values that speak of religious tolerance, political moderation, and core ethics of intellect, love, peace, security, fairness, and opportunity for all. We don't need bigots reacting to terrorists. We need mindful men leading us with sanity. Mumbai has the leadership to do this. We the "connected generation" are there as your friends, to help, if you need us.