Wind Inc., in Fort Worth, announces new distributerships

Wind Turbine Industry is growing at at 27% annual rate in the USA

Wind Inc., a Wind Turbine company in Texas has announced that it is now distributor for Wind Turbines manufactured in China, Japan, and Holland.

"Wind Inc. is pleased to announce an agreement with SWEA NL (Netherlands) to serve as U.S.Distributor for SWEA wind turbine products. Wind Inc., was the first American company to make an agreement with SWEA, and now charts the "Wind Area" of the USA, from Texas to Canada, as it's territory." said Mari Van Der Heijden, of Holland.

Wind Inc., also has distribution agreements with WES of Netherlands and WES of Canada to distribute the larger 80, and 250 kw hour turbines. These are ideal for mid sized industry, retail, hotels, prisons, dairys, and small communities or gated communities. "Wind Inc., has discusssed putting these on military bases, and college campuses" said Ben B. Boothe Sr., Chairman.

Wind Inc., also has over 65 MEGAWATT sized turbines for applications such as wind farms.

The company, located at 8400 I-20 has the largest variety of wind turbines (from small to giant), and the largest inventory of items it can distribute in the USA. For more information contact:

Wind Inc., at or call, 817 738 9595