Wind Executives from Holland visit Texas

The Director of WES Canada, (Wind Energy Solutions, Netherland), Johann De Leeuw is flying to Texas for the Grand Opening and Open House of WIND Inc., a company formed by Ben B. Boothe Sr., to distribute wind turbines. Johann will speak on "Wind Trends" in Europe, Canada, and Texas, at 8400 I-20 (Aledo exit, on eastbound lane), at 3:00 PM, September 8th. All interested in Wind Turbines are invited to attend, and refreshments will be served.

The Director of SWEA, Mari Van Heijden, will arrive August 28th, and will meet important VIP's and businessmen interested in Wind. Senator Lucio will present him with a gavel from the State of Texas, to honor his achievements in wind technology. Mari Van Heijden, developed a system in Holland, whereby a wind turbine could be connected to any standard electrical outlet plug of a residence, thus eliminating the need for electrical permits from large power companies, or special expense. His products are sold world wide, and Boothe's WIND INC., is distributing these turbines in the USA.

WES (Netherlands) builds a larger wind turbine, more suitable for business and industry. "Boeing just powered a new industrial plant in England with our WES 250 kW model" said Johann De Leeuw. These wind turbines are also equipped with back up diesel generators, so if the grid goes down, and winds rest, the units can still provide a stable supply of electricity.

Boothe, said: "I just interviewed a General with the Air Force, and he told me that these units would be ideal for military bases, college campuses, and even retail shopping centers". One such turbine can produce from $130,000 to $300,000 per year in electricity and are ideal for commercial or industry applications to eliminate or reduce commercial electric bills.

Projections now indicate that energy demand, and prices will in the long term continue to increase. Boothe joined Senator John Cornyn, of Texas in a luncheon yesturday, at the Petroleum Club in Fort Worth. When Senator Cornyn was asked by Ben, about the yet unpassed energy bill to encourage tax incentives for Wind and Solar power, the Senator replied: "We will pass this bill when we return to Washington".

Since wind is a $7,000,000,000 (Billion) industry in Texas, the crowd responded favorably. "We are pleased that the Senator has taken a stand in support of wind and solar energy" said Boothe.

"We are excited to host these executives to Fort Worth, and pleased to be in this significant industry", said Ben Boothe, President, of Wind Inc. "If you are interested in a wind turbine for your home, farm, business or industry, we hope you will contact us at: 817 738 9595"