Energy ad Environmental Global Perspectives

By seeing the research, from a Global Perspective, we can see that through new "Production" and "Creation" can we create new capital, new jobs, and new savings.

Energy and Environmental industries are a key to rebuilding. One of the most encouraging trends has been the impact of environmental economics, as a way of rebuilding economic foundations.

For example, Ethanol and Bio-Diesel, have been a leader, in saving and increasing farm income, and restoring the economies of small towns, and heartland America. These industries are bringing capital, jobs, and renewal to every sector, throughout the world, where they are active.

Wind Power, has created an economic impact in Texas for example, estimated at $7,000,000,000 per year (seven Billion). This utilization of wind as a new and clean energy source, is the most important new "Productive" creation of jobs and industry, in the world, and in the USA, since the computer and I.T. revolution.

In areas of West and South Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Iowa, Canada, Europe (especially Holland), Islands in the Atlantic near England, and even in Africa, wind is making a huge contribution to the economy, production, and new capital.

New technology for development of relatively clean "Natural Gas" through mining of Barnett and other Shale formations has created another contribution, estimated at over $8,000,000,000.00 per year, in North Texas alone.

Watching the globe teaches us this:

Note the "Wheel of Economic Movement" that I have presented at numerous World Bank symposiums:

* Deregulation leads to......

At the present time, in your personal business you might want to consider the phrase: "Debt is death, and Cash is king".

Now is the time for you to make structuring changes that will allow you to capitalize on profitable new trends, and take advantage of ways to keep you and your business in the success mode.

Industries that will win in the new global economy include: Energy, energy and energy, along with environment, environment, environment.

You must have a global presence or have people like us, who have global contacts to give you global presence.

Medical services, technology and equipment. (Note, defense, military, and war materials will be declining, so diversify out of this area)

Wind, wind turbines ($7 Bill per year) , energy lines ($5 billion over next 3 years) , service support, supply and maintanance.

Natural gas, drilling, support, logistics, trucking, parts, service.

Security service. Homeland security still provides through various government programs billions per year.

New environmental technological development:

Food production will become one of America's most profitable industries, and this will include the water industry, new types of fertilizers, and new practices such as enclosed green house production on a massive scale never seen before.

New forms of transportation. Dominance of a few giant automakers will decline with development of new more economical forms of vehicles, transportation and people moving. New centralized development requiring homes and businesses in close proximity

Bycycles. This industry will expand substantially both as recreation and as transportation, especially in organized, planned central communities.

Communications, wireless, and information hubs will continue to expand.