Perspectives you should know, that may help your business

Recently a successful real estate developer said: "Ben, I didn't understand why you were doing all of the globe trotting. Now I see it. You were ahead of us all."

The recent award to Boothe and Associates as "Best Economic Consultant of the Year" perhaps confirms that others have noticed that our activities are a positive contribution. There are powerful global trends in play, that if you can see these, and then make applications to your business, you can substantially increase your potential for success.

Consider, our world has record high energy prices, record high food prices, massive changes in the way business must function, and in our view, massive opportunities with all of these changes.

But you must be flexible and willing to change, to survive and to prosper. For example who would have thought that food, and food producers could be on the verge of wealth and prosperity.

Let me share some GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES. We identified the trends that Wall Street and policy makers were thrusting upon the USA and the world, 14 years ago.

So, now, as an example, when our economy suffers, instead of a President encouraging the creation of new jobs, new industry, and new growth, our President says: "Go shopping, it is important to our economy". Why, he cannot create new "production" it is largely in other nations now. Our's has become a consumer based economy, and this is problematic. All the while, savings levels have dropped, and debt levels have increased to historic highs.