Wind Energy, The Time Has Arrived!

I just returned from the Wind Exposition 2008, in Houston, Texas. Wind turbine manufacturers from throughout the world were there, and we saw that the largest and best companies in the world have decided that wind means money, and they are expecting a virtual revolution in the way power is produced around the world.

Considering that Holland figured this out 400 years ago, and built a nation that was 21 feet below sea level and flooded, by pumping the ocean out, and creating cities and farm land out of what was covered with ocean, we might be a bit late. But, we aren't too late.

The smartest business leaders in the nation are investing in wind projects. It is clean. It is efficient. And, it is profitable.

We interviewed executives of both European and American wind companies, including General Electric, Vestas, and others. They told us that their wind divisions were of the most profitable sectors in their companies. Now if the smartest executives from the largest companies in the world, are going with wind, that should give a signal to the rest of the world about our future.

To this end, I flew to Amsterdam, and made two deals to be the distributor for two well established makers of wind turbines. BBAR (Certified Environmental dba Environmental Solutions) is now in the wind business. Check our wind turbines out at:, and go to the "Products" link at the top of the page. You will see everything from small household units that can supply the electrical needs for your home, to giant turbines that can power an industrial company, or give power to the grid.

When a child in West Texas, my grandmother used to tell me of the wild wind storms in West Texas. She said: "We West Texans were not going to let all of that energy go. So we started putting in 'Wind Chargers', and that supplied electricity for our farm homes. That was in the 1930's and 1940's. Somehow, I think those old pioneers may have been more progressive in attitude than their kids and grandchildren.

But the Great Grandchildren, are coming on strong.

Of course, there is always negative inertia. There are always nay sayers. Those are the ones who have a hard time with change and progress. Those may be the same ones who got our globe into the polluted mess that it is in today. But, consider this. Today, you can install a windmill on your property that will not only provide all the electricity for your needs, and eliminate your growing electric bill. But, it will increase the value of your home or business. Plus, you can deduct it from your taxes and receive federal and state benefits (more are on the way from D.C after the elections). And while doing all of this, you will be helping reduce your carbon foot print, and doing something positive for our globe.

The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind.