Metal roofing saves power and increases value

Air conditioning electric bills are an important item for much of the world. We have seen so many items that would “lower” energy costs, during the hot months of the year, but I wish to report on a basic experiment with roofing that could have a significant impact on cooling bills.

House with composition shinglesOur home, in Texas, is a 3800 square foot ranch house, with a lot of roof space. The roof is of typical construction, with a wooden deck, covered by tar paper, and composition shingles made of tar, asbestos, and fine gravel, and are nailed to the top of the deck. These roofs are popular, but require a great deal of hand labor to install. Each shingle must be individually fitted and nailed.

Temperature of deck under compositon roof at noon

These roofs are heavy, prone to hail and wind damage, and absorb the heat from the sun.

Indeed, I tested the wooden deck under the shingles and the temperature at noon, in June, was 117 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then I tested the temperature of the wooden deck under the part of the roof where the metal roof had been installed. The difference was substantial. The wood was not as hot to the touch and the attic in this area was much cooler.

That is 24 degrees cooler, plus the metal roof is a superior roof, more resistant to wind, hail, and weather. Also it is made of recyclable materials, and requires less labor.

Wooden deck temperature test

Cost wise, it appears that the cost is about the same for either roof.

New look of

Plus I was pleased with the appearance of the new roof. It had a much cleaner and brighter look.

It renewed my ranch house that is nearly 30 years old and our airconditioning is working less and cooling better.

My electric bills peaked at $1200 per month, and have declined significantly. I am hoping the metal roof will lower the cooling requirements by 20 to 25% and will give you further follow up reports as data from the power company comes in.

For certain, a metal roof, installed as we have done it, will not only add to the value of the house, extend the life of the roof, but will lower utility bills, and pays for itself over a period of 5 to 6 years. As electric rates increase, it could do even better!

We now have a crew that will install this roof. It will increase the value and the life of your house, and lower your electric bills, by an estimated 15 to 20%. At current electric rates, that means you can pay for this roof in about 24 to 29 months, in energy savings.