Buy a Windmill and become your own power company!

Become a producer of energy, not just a consumer!

We have imported a 1 KWh wind turbine that will sit on an 18 ft pole, and is rated to produce 1KW per hour at 20 mph. This is a great machine that can reduce the electric bill on an small to medium size house nicely.

The key is, that it all comes boxed and can easily be put together by a handyman or electrician. There is no need for heavy and expensive batteries, because it includes an inverter to hook directly into your home simply by plugging it into any electrical outlet. If your electric load is low (while you are out) it can actually run your electric meter backwards, so on a high wind day, you may actually produce electricity faster than you use it.

Another feature is that some power company bill plans charge you a higher rate during "Peak" usage hours. This device will tend to lower your "Peak" usage, and therefore lower your overall charge rate as well.

The size and ease of installation make this ideal for most homes. Most cities allow these, if the windmill is at a distance of at least the height of the pole from the main house structure.

The price is great! This windmill, if winds are good for you, (as they often are) can repay the cost in 4 years (the optimal return is 25% per annum) but even if winds don't blow at a high speed, you will find a 15% to 20% return on investment. This wind turbine beats the market for other products on the market, both in cost and efficiency because we are able to sell the unit for $5,499, (including the inverter, a program where you can monitor the production on your computer, and the pole). The nearest competitor has a 1.9 kW unit on sale for $18,000, so our prices are much better. Our unit is so quiet it will not even register on a sound meter. The investment value is another excellent consideration. Capitalized, each of these will increase the market value of a typical home or building by 3 to 4 times the amount your invest in the wind turbine.

Consider this. The price of utilities will continue to increase. The higher the prices, the more your windmill production is worth and the more money you save on your investment in becoming a "producer" not just a consumer of electricity.

There is one more "hidden" advantage. States, and even the Federal Government have programs, grants, and tax benefits for those who invest in this type of "clean energy" production. More of these incentives will be coming in the future. It is possible and likely that you can depreciate 100% of the cost of this, use it as a tax deduction, and actually pay for part or all of your cost with tax savings.

So, give us a call (1-817 738 9595) and let us ship one of these 1 KWh units to you.

If you have a larger house, farm, or want more power, we have a 5 KWh unit and a 20 KWh unit that with good winds can provide 70% to 150% of the energy needs for a typical home or business office. The 5 KW turbine runs $29,000 and the 20 KW turbine $64,000. Again, these will not only cut your energy bills substantially, but will increase the value of your property. Plus you should be able to depreciate your expense or tax deduct most of your cost, especially if you do business in the location of the turbine.

Also, we have a designed package of a 1 KWh windmill, 3 or 4 solar panels, with an inverter and battery pack that can give a 50% reduction in your electric bill. Your cost is about $8,500 for this combined "Wind and Solar" power production system.

Finally, we are the distributor for large wind turbines, for wind power production on a commercial scale. This product can be delivered in a practical time frame, and we can help you provide electricity for a large company. Boeing is one of the industrial companies that uses this turbine to provide electricity for their offices. This is great for a large area, and we can put this "On Grid" or we can equip it with a back up deisel generator and you can be completely off of the grid and independent.

But for your individual house, resort, or office, we recommend the inexpensive I Kwh, or 5 Kwh turbine for your "starter" energy "wind" source. We can always add solar panels, or even larger turbines to your system later. This industry is growing at a rate of 15% to 20% per year in the USA, and over the next 5 years, you are going to see more and more people harnessing the wind, and becoming their own "power company". A report in the Ft Worth Star Telegram, recently told of small wholesale power companies paying as much as 22 cents per KW for electricity, before they resell it to the public. We all anticipate with the record increases in the price of oil, that electric rates will continue to soar upward. Start preparing now, with your wind turbine.

Will a Windmill increase my property value? 

We have been looking carefully at energy efficiency and how this relates to economics. The question arises, “If I put a windmill at my house, or business, will it change the value of the property?”

The answer is yes, definitely yes!

As real estate appraisers, brokers, and environmental consultants, we have looked at this from all three angles.

But this is the most direct and effective way to look at it from a value and investment return standpoint.

Consider a house in the U.S.A. is reportedly valued at $150,000.00.

That house will typically use 80 Kilowatts of electricity per day. 80 x 30 = 2,400 KWh per month, and if you are paying 16 cents per kWh your electric bill should run about $384. $384 x 12 = $4,608 annual electric bill.

Now, let’s say you put up a small windmill. We can install a windmill that will produce about 720Kwh per month, in a good wind speed area. At 16 cents per kWh this would reduce the electric bill about $115 per month.

$115 x 12 = $1,380 annual savings on the electric bill. If wind speeds are higher, or if electricity increases in cost, the savings will continue to rise.

Now in appraisal regulations, the way to estimate value is to capitalize the cash flow.

In the case of the above Value=Income divided by rate. Assuming a capitalization rate of .065% and a savings of $1,380 the value of that savings is: $1380 /.065 = $21,230.

So the windmill cost about $5,000, will save you $1380 per year, and will increase the value of your home by a minimum of $21,230. (If wind speeds are lower, you could say a range of $18,000 to $21,000)

This does not take into consideration the Federal Tax incentives, the rebates that are granted when you install an energy efficient system or the state and federal programs that will reimburse you for some of your expense. These vary by state, with California being one of the most progressive and generous states, but other states like Iowa are catching on and increasing rebates and financial incentives. For example, California will pay on average about 20% of the cost for your windmill or solar panels.

But even without these, a windmill installation will increase your property appraised value by about 13% to 15%.

Plus you will likely be able to “depreciate” and recover the full cost of the windmill by deducting it from your income taxes over a 5 to 7 year period.

Not bad!