Dubai Opportunity? Buy Other Currency to Hedge on Dollar Decline

It now takes $1.65 to purchase one Euro. Many investors in Dubai and other nations are stockpiling excess profits from oil revenues in Euro's.

Therefore a person in another nation, wanting to invest in a dollar based economy such as the USA can get a substantial discount or investment advantage, that is estimated at a 35% discount, if he buys American dollar based real estate, with Euro's at the present time.

If we assume that the next political administration will be wiser and more informed in international economics, we must assume that the dollar may be rising in the next few years.

Certainly a change in political leadership will be more responsible in economic leadership, and put into place policies that will again justify a strong dollar. That being the case, this is an excellent window of opportunity to buy in the USA, and reap amongst other advantages:

Buy now, before the elections!