Bill Clinton Speaks on Economy

Special from Fort Worth, Texas:

You could tell that it was not an ordinary political evening. You could tell that a former President, the 42nd president of the United States, was present by the police, the secret service, the press from around the world, the crowd, and by the helicopters. The sun was setting and Clinton attracted a crowd of several thousand people, even though it was a cold winter evening.

Few men on earth have the insights, friends, contacts and knowledge about world issues, as Bill Clinton. And he spoke about economic issues. How our nation has lost, and must regain, it's ability to recreate jobs through new industry. He talked about how young people, as they get out of school, must be given the opportunity to achieve their goals. He spoke about how many thousands of companies, jobs, and opportunities are being lost due to concentrations of power in the hands of fewer and bigger global entities. He spoke of how, the USA has lost so much international influence and prestige and how it must be restored. He spoke of how many women, children, teachers, elderly, have lost their life savings due to health issues, and how important it is to give the American people assurance of medical coverage when they become sick that will not bankrupt them! And he said it all with grace.

The crowd responded to Bill Clinton with appreciation and with affection.

It is very unusual to see a crowd grow. But the longer Clinton spoke, the larger the crowd became. It is one of the interesting things about Democrats. When they get together, they have fun and really enjoy politics and talking issues. They also seem to love to sing, applaud, dance, laugh and encourage each other!

They also don't mind disagreeing with one another. Unlike Republicans, or rigid political parties that are often seen in developing nations, there is no such thing as "marching in locked step" among Democrats. As Will Rogers once said: "I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat."

One of the aspects the crowd responded well to was Bill Clinton's comments on how to create opportunity. His comments and ideas, if shared by his wife, could have global economic implications. He said that Hillary had specific ideas on how to create new jobs through tax incentives and federal programs to encourage American productivity, to allow small business growth, and contain monopolistic activities that actually cost jobs and create lower wages for a majority of Americans. The Clinton's should know how to do this, because in their administration they created several million new jobs, balanced the federal budget and actually saw the USA give a surplus for the first time in 50 years.

The audience was a diverse group with wealthy standing beside poor people. Business executives, and lawyers, mixed in with working class families. Professors with ordinary workers. And we saw a lot of women present. Have you noticed, that you rarely see Iranian or Islamic women at political events? We have been told that many husbands of that culture don't like their women to be involved in politics. But, THIS IS THE USA, NOT IRAN! We saw one lovely Iranian woman, and she was smiling and supporting her candidate for President! But, many White Anglo Saxon women were in the audience, and many Hispanic women, all looking to exercise their freedom of speech and freedom to vote to improve their lives.