Wind of Change! Wind Energy!

Texas is now the leading supplier of electricity produced by wind.

It has proven to be a successful, powerful and profitable source of energy. Texans by the thousands have chosen to use electricity produced by wind, to help the environment. And yet, there are still many who oppose wind power. Some of this opposition is greed based from oil, gas, and utility companies that lose market share when people buy wind power. Some of the opposition is just a knee jerk opposition to anything that “environmentalists” promote, (we call it the Rush Limbaugh effect). link) shows specific wind turbines that you can buy, or look up Wind Inc., and call 817 738 9595.

This is the fact. Windmill energy was shown to be a powerful source of economic energy, and essentially helped the nation of Holland to build itself into a powerful and prosperous nation 400 years ago. Today, wind energy is again one of the most economical power sources of all of the alternatives available. It makes sense. It provides additional income to farmers and ranchers in remote areas and it is elegant and clean. It is an important economic trend and those who participate in it are with an economic wave of the future.

Corporate America is supporting wind power, because it is the right thing to do, it makes dollars and sense, and it is simply good responsible business. Note this news release from Intel, which recently became the world’s largest purchaser of “green energy”.

“At Intel, we’ve made support for renewable energy a top priority, and we’re proud to be part of the EPA’s Green Power Partner program. Our purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) amounts to 1.3 billion kilowatt hours of energy a year. The EPA estimates this has the equivalent effect of eliminating CO2 emissions for more than 185,000 automobiles or the electricity needed to power more than 130,000 average American homes annually.

This purchase places Intel at the top of EPA's Green Power Partnership National Top 25 list, as well as the top of the Fortune 500 Green Power Purchasers list. The Green Power Partnership program encourages voluntary green power purchases to reduce the impact of conventional electricity use.

Intel’s purchase, which includes a portfolio of wind, solar, small hydro-electric, and biomass sources, will be handled by Sterling Planet, a leading national supplier of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and low-carbon solutions. The purchase will be certified by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions' Green-e® program, which is a nonprofit organization that certifies and verifies green power products.

At Intel, our effort to support renewable energy is only part of an overall approach that includes comprehensive energy conservation programs in our factories and operations. By purchasing renewable certificates, we're helping to stimulate the market for renewable energy, which should lead to additional generating capacity and ultimately lower costs for green power. That's good for business and good for the environment.”

Where is most Wind Energy Produced?

There is now 16,818.78 MW of national power capacity through wind, and the leading states are Texas (4356 MW), California (2439 MW), Minnesota (1209 MW) Iowa (1273 MW) and Washington State (1163 MW). But, Texas has under construction another 12398 MW, Illinois, Oregon, Washington State, Iowa, and California are all also building additional wind power fields, but non anywhere near Texas. Who would have thought that Texas could be a leader in environmentally clean energy?

For reasons (not clearly known) it seems that some members of the U.S. Senate are leading a charge against wind energy, but the American Wind Energy Association has identified them and made the following statement:

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) today issued the following statement by AWEA Executive Director Randall Swisher:

"With 116,000 jobs and nearly $19 billion in investment at risk in the renewable energy industries, a minority of the Senate has again frustrated the desire of millions of Americans across the political spectrum who overwhelmingly support clean, home-grown energy. Renewable energy like wind power can lower home energy bills, strengthen our energy security, create new manufacturing jobs and, perhaps most importantly, reduce global warming pollution even as we meet growing electricity demand. We strongly urge Congressional leaders to move quickly to find another path for a rapid extension of the tax incentives needed to put our nation on the road to a clean and secure energy future."

AWEA, formed in 1974, is the national trade association of the U.S. wind energy industry. The association's membership includes turbine manufacturers, wind project developers, utilities, academicians, and interested individuals. More information on wind energy is available at the AWEA web site:


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Remember the old song. "The times they are a changin'" There is a new wind blowing in the USA, but also in India, Europe and throughout the world. We are seeing wind as bringing in a new future for all interested in clean energy.

We at want to encourage and participate in this exciting new industry trend.