Opportunity in Ecuador. Luxury at half the price!

Ecuador is a nation of opportunity at this time. We have identified it as a place to invest for exceptional value and profit potential. Below is a photo of Salinas, a resort town that is booming, and people are flocking to this resort to take advantage of beautiful ocean frontage, and excellent investment prices!

Resort properties facing the ocean around the world traditionally sell for a premium. In California, ocean view properties can sell for $500 to $900 per square foot of living area. In Florida, from $300 to $600 psf. A view of Lake Michigan, in Chicago can cost $250 to $800 psf. New York City, or San Francisco resort properties with ocean or beach front views can cost $300 to $1000 psf. Properties in Europe and Asia can be similarly high. An ocean view condo in Hong Kong, can cost $200 to $1000 psf. Even Costa Rica projects have prices of $200 or higher!

Due to specific timing, in the economy, a political situation that is showing progress and stability, and a local change of province, a good opportunity in resort property investment exists in Ecuador. Resort Price Ranges $55 to $125 psf.

Ecuador, a growth opportunity The city of Salinas is a short drive from Guayaquil, the economic center of Ecuador. Salinas is a resort town, with miles of sandy beaches, new hotels, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes. While many Europeans have discovered Salinas, as a beautiful resort, colorful and economical, Americans are just now finding this delightful escape.

Salinas was once a part of the province controlled by the large city of Guayaquil. Recently it became an independent area, and the emotional politics of Latin America have come into play. Some investors from GYE have pulled out offering a great investment opportunity for Americans.

Our research included on site interviews with bankers, developers and real estate experts in the area. All believe that medium and long term real estate values will increase substantially. Where else can you find condominiums facing the Pacific Ocean, only 5 minutes from restaurants, shopping, water recreation sporting, and even a nice airport for if you want to rent a plane. This area is also a center of commercial fishing, and some of the best fish in the world, comes from this part of the ocean. Please look at www.bbarealty.com under "international" investments, and you can see an example of the types of investments that we believe to be exceptional. Estimates of price appreciation for real estate: 5% to 15% per year.

Culture and Politics of Ecuador Ecuador has several distinct geographical areas. The mountains are beautiful and the culture there is colorful and friendly. The jungles are some of the world's ecological treasures, rich in flora and fauna. The beaches include hundreds of miles of sometimes secluded beaches and the blue Pacific ocean.

When Rafael Correa, became President of Ecuador, he brought an education from the USA, and high ideals. He has taken bold steps to reduce corruption, create a new constitution, and create a government more stable. Many new investors are coming into Ecuador because of the improved political stability.

Native crafts and arts from Ecuador's indigenous peoples are beautiful. Hand made jewelry, hand woven shawls, "Panama" hats.