Well the Regulators Did It, Now we have Record Foreclosures

With record numbers of foreclosures happening in Chicago, Indianapolis, Orlando, Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Dallas, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and dozens of other cities, many people are depressed with real estate trends. We have written warnings over the past 18 months that new regulatory pressure would cause a potential recession. Now we see it happening. 

But, with disaster there is always opportunity.

This is what we see.

When the banks and lendors become saturated with charge offs, bad loans, REO properties, and foreclosed real estate in their portfolio, banks will decide that it is better to sell foreclosed properties at a discount, than to try to manage them, rennovate them, and spend money marketing them.

Smart investors will research the market, look at the thousands of foreclosures, do appraisals, and with good research in hand obtain a line of credit, and bid on these properties. The smart investors will buy the properties at less appraised value, and then can rennovate and hope to resell the properties for a profit.

But there is one group in Texas that is ahead of the trend. It is putting together $5,000,000 in capital, through the sale of securities, and will leverage that to as much as $50,000,000 and with a team already in place, buy, rennovate, manage and resale the properties. Projections indicate that those who get in on the ground floor and are lucky enough to own some of the securities, could well double, triple, or even multiply their money by 4 times within a relatively short investment period.

This is good business. It will take problem real estate loans off of the books of troubled banks. It will rennovate properties that have been abused. It will put new, clean and nicer properties back into neighborhoods. And it will make money for investors while providing housing for those who need homes.

If you would like to participate in the foreclosure market and see your investment grow, while secured by real estate, send us an email. We will want to know how much you think you can afford to invest to gain a return on investment with your assets backed by homes on a ratio of at least 200% of your investment. This is the deal.  Millions of foreclosures are on the way, and if you have capital and time, given enough time, these values will eventually recover. 

Write: bba_a@hotmail.com

The time to buy property is when it is low. The time to sell is when it is high. Participate in the rare opportunity to accumulate good real estate at a discount, without having to do all the footwork yourself.