Global emotions, division, all coming to a head around the world



Today on the Senate Floor of the United States there was a diversity as wide as the split in the USA, and a deeper split globally, over cultural conflict.

Note the contrast:

Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona, a candidate for President, who is watching his presidential aspirations dissolve because of his support for the war, said: “…the terrorists are in this war to win it. The question is: Are We?” Even while he was speaking, his two chief campaign advisors resigned. ABC’s Charles Gibson, noted, “This campaign is unwinding.” McCain’s campaign funds are down to $2,000,000 and new fund raising has not been effective.

Senator Joseph Biden, Democrat from Delaware said: “The question is: Do we continue to send our kids in the middle of a meat grinder, based on a policy that is fundamentally flawed.” Biden’s popularity is increasing, largely because of his stance to end the war quickly.

Senator Joe Lieberman, of Connecticut said: “The enemy is on the run…the war in Iraq will never be lost by our military, but can be lost by a loss of political will at home.” Lieberman largely is the voice of the Jewish lobby in America, and they expect him to support war against Islam or Muslim states.

Gordon Smith, Republican from Oregon is co-sponsoring an amendment with Senator Carl Levin, of Michigan that would require U.S. troops to leave Iraq by next spring. Senator Richard Lugar, Republican from Indiana, and Pete Domenici, Republican from New Mexico, are outspoken critics of Bush’s Iraq policy, yet both are afraid to “buck” the Bush Administration’s desire to stay and even increase troop levels in Iraq. Polls show that Republicans who are supporting Bush and the war are losing support across the board, even in radical Bush states such as Texas. The people have had enough.

President George W. Bush spoke in Ohio, and in an ironic logical conflict said that “I as Commander in Chief will let the generals decide what to do in Iraq”. Hmmmmmm. The commander doesn’t want to command. And what general in the history of the world has ever not believed that with just a little more time, money and blood, that he can win his war??? While Bush was speaking a new poll indicated that 66% of American’s oppose the war and disapprove of the way Bush has handled it. Another poll, perhaps more revealing reported that 46% of Americans now would support impeachment of President George W. Bush.

It would seem that every politician who has aligned himself with Bush, in the U.S. or abroad, has lost favor with voters.


The conflicts relating to Islam and the west are also coming to a head. In Iraq another 200 people were killed by a huge bomb. Mortars killed Americans in the secured “Green Zone”. In Pakistan, 50 Islamic students were killed during a raid on the Red Mosque (Lal Masjid) in Islamabad, as well as Abdul Rashid Ghazi. Abdul Rashid Ghazi is the cleric who has been active in religious “enforcement” harassing and beating civilians because they are not religious enough or do not follow his strict interpretation of religion. Pakistan’s government had been tolerant of him and his followers, trying to gain favor with religious followers, but finally even they lost patience. Pakistan’s President, Pervez Musharraf is under great political criticism and pressure, because of his friendship with George W. Bush.

Turkey has amassed 140,000 soldiers on the Iraqi border, because of conflicts with cross border attacks and to control Kurdish rebels. Turkey has long believed that it might have an opportunity to seize advantage in Northern Iraq, and knows that the U.S. military will not have the strength to stop 140,000 Turkish soldiers.