UN Puts Ecuador's Galapagos Islands on Endangered List

The United Nations has put Ecuador's Galapagos Islands on its list of endangered places, at the request of Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador.

Famous Resident of GalapagosCorrea has repeatedly fought for the protection of Ecuador's environmental treasures. The Galapagos is considered one of the prime environmental destinations of the world.

It was there, that Charles Darwin made observations that began the discussion of the development and perhaps evolution of species on earth.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, said invasive species, tourism, and immigration are threatening the archipelago's unique plants and animals. UNESCO issued the statement Tuesday at a meeting of its World Heritage Committee in New Zealand.

In April, Ecuador's president, Rafael Correa, declared the islands at risk and vowed to impose restrictions on residency and tourist permits.

The volcanic islands, 1,000 kilometers west of Ecuador, inspired British naturalist Charles Darwin to formulate his theory of evolution.

The introduction of non-native species, such as goats, has sped up the ecosystem's decline.

Source: VOA News