New trends in digital photography, and International real estate


It was my pleasure to visit two conventions in Las Vegas, Nevada, that reflect new trends and changes. The first was the PMA International Convention on Imaging and Photography.

As the editor of GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES, I was invited to participate in the convention as a member of the Press. PMA show directors, brought in the leading imaging companies from the world. CANON, NIKON, SONY, and all the Hollywood crowd, were there. The spirit of this convention was exciting, positive, and reflected growth and huge cash flows.

I learned that with the progress of digital cameras, and new technology, that the number of photographs and films being produced has increased substantially. Billions of dollars are being made in the imaging industry. Even General Electric, announced that it was getting into the camera business at this convention. This was particularly interesting, since Polaroid, Kodak and other U.S. camera makers have been often left behind by Asia in terms of popularity of imaging products and cameras.

Some of the most talented models, photographers, and technicians of the world were there to display their talent. One company, to demonstrate the quality of it's toners painted a "dress" on a naked woman, and men by the hundreds were in line to have their photograph made with her.

But the convention showed how powerful imaging will be and how this impact will continue to grow and help companies of all kinds to grow, communicate, and market their products. Images, can now flow from the camera, by wireless to the computer, by wireless to T.V., printers, and with almost no delay, printed results can be produced on paper, on film, or for global distribution via Internet technology. The implications are powerful for the business executive with vision. Paul Fuller, Chairman of Full Color ( and Chad Munce with PMA ( presented the industry with great enthusiam and global perspective.


What I noticed there, was there is a gradual realization, among real estate professionals, that this world is a GLOBAL market. While the Century 21 Convention did not have the "zip" of the PMA convention, I did find pockets of real progress in the convention. Colon Powell was there, making his standard stump "convention" speech. He has been making the convention circuit for several years now, but, as charming as he is, does not offer much new.

But, there were some at the convention who were progressive and energizing. Lanny Shteynberg, (, showed how that realtors and brokers, could have digital commercials made and put on cable TV at 1/10th the normal cost of T.V. advertising.

Rick Harkness, with Century 21 in Parsippany, New Jersey ( had an excellent "International Investments" course.

There were realtor/brokers who had realized that they could now market properties in Asia, Europe, and throughout the world, with almost the same ease as marketing in Main Street U.S.A. This progressive attitude will bring the real estate industry beyond a market where local realtors or brokers have traditionally tried to "own and protect" their markets. It is a global market, open to all who are aggressive and progressive.

One impressive group we noted was the "FOCUS INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY" group, with an address of: " "

An individual of interest, Afsaneh Mansoori, a realtor Indiana, told of the opportunities in Dubai, and how American investors could profit from foreign investments.