Clinton Speech in Texas Provides Global Political Insights

William Jefferson Clinton spoke at the Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie February 8, 2007, on the subject of Global Development and world trends.

Clinton speaking to TexansGlobal Perspectives was there, and we were impressed with his depth of knowledge and grasp of the challenges facing the world.

At one point in his presentation, he asked the question: “When you die, how would you like to leave your family, your community and the world?”

He said the current world is unequal, unstable, and is interdependent. But that the world needs truly integrated communities. Using Iraq as an example he said: “They must be a supportive community, understanding shared benefits of this community, shared responsibility, and genuine care for each other, and genuine ‘belonging’.”

He said a key to peace was an attitude that “Our differences are important, but our common humanity is more important.”

President Clinton said: “How, these 4 steps:

Security, we must be settled in secure so we can focus on the important things of life.

Diplomatic efforts, ‘in life we can’t kill, jail or occupy all of our potential enemies’

Spend time making more partners and fewer enemies.

Make specific efforts to improve in areas of : a. The economy b. Health care c. Clean energy”

Clinton pointed out that over 50% of the bankruptcies in the USA in 2006 were caused by health care expenses.

He also pointed out that in Denmark today, 22% of their electricity is made from wind, and the nation has created thousands of new jobs and economic opportunity, by encouraging a new “sustainable energy industry”.

Then when it was time to go, Clinton gave time for the audience to ask questions and stayed another hour. He was most impressive, without political rancor. He was charitable to George W. Bush, and refused to be negative and critical.

“Our nation must get out of the rut of trying to destroy those who disagree with us, and realize that we can have healthy arguments, but then still be friends. When we get into the emphasis of stressing solutions and problem solving, instead of the rut of negative thinking, we can then unleash the power and resilience America has.”

He was given a standing ovation.