Algeria in 2007!

We are looking at 2007 with a hopeful and positive view. The world stage seems to be set for some moderation in foreign policy.

We are hopeful that leaders throughout the world again renew the longing for peace and leash up the dogs of war. It seems that world opinion, starting with America's voters, has and continues to be giving a clear signal.

Peace is the route to progress and prosperity. With the U.S. Congress becoming more vocal in speaking out for peace, the rest of the world is begining to have hope again.

But life is a slippery slope. We know not what 2007 will bring, in our economy, in our families, or in our personal lives. But, we know this. Rather than sit at the top, and worry and wonder, perhaps it is better to take the leap. The "Existential Leap of Faith" yet again, and in the thrill, the joy, the exilaration of "LIVING", we again can find beauty and joy.

The Spanish word for exilaration is "alegria" or "regocijo" (which has as it's base, delight, joy and merriment).

I wish you "alegria" and "regocijo" in 2007!