Wind Power Helping Save Environment

Giant Turbines

The fastest growing industry in the world, is WIND POWER.

Those interested in profits, and interested in capitalizing upon the huge surge in production, job creation, and profit opportunities will consider and research wind. Economic experts believe it will be one of the fastest growth industries of the next 20 years.

The economic growth of environmental and sustainable energy fields will be similar to the IT surge of 20 years ago.The most profitable division of the giant company GENERAL ELECTRIC is the wind turbine division.

Companies such as WIND INC are distributing wind turbines for household use, and can be reached at: 817 738 9595. This could be an enormous new business in America. Or hit the "Products" link at: to buy wind turbines.

Look at the leaders in wind energy manufacturing:

Some areas are showing particularly fast growth in the use of wind power. In India, the demand is so strong that installations rose nearly 48% last year. In China, they rose 65%. Inner Mongolia is showing huge expansion into wind power.

This growth will continue, because as Tulsi R. Tanti, Suzlon Energy's managing director said: "Wind is competitive if the price of crude oil is $40 a barrel or higher." With many economists predicting $100 per barrel oil ahead, wind will be a bargain. And those involved in the wind industry, will reap huge profits.

In the USA, Texas leads the nation as a wind power state. Texas has 2,370 MW of capacity, enough to power over 600,000 homes. California follows by 2,323 MW of capacity, enough to power 588,101 homes.With a typical turbine costing about $1,300,000.00, it seems like an expensive investment. But, the same investment for an oil well, to produce a similar return of energy, can easily surpass that amount. Plus, there is no need for "refinery", "pipelines", "gas stations", and no worry about pollution.

Speaking of pollution. What is a simple way to understand how much pollution, the use of wind power saves? One example is my home, at the Boothe Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. This home is about 3500 square feet in size. Last month, because my home at the Boothe Ranch uses electricity 100% produced from wind power I saved 7,557 pounds of CO2 in the atmosphere. I saved 514 trees. I saved the equivalent of taking 8,397 cars off of the road.

Windmills used to be the ancient water mills of Holland, or the tiny windmills to pump shallow water in Australia and the western USA. But what a change the industry has made today!

Consider the positive impact if each one of us around the world, converted to wind power and solar power!If enough people did this, we could repeat the great Louis Armstrong line: "What a wonderful world this would be..."