Boothe Company Named "Best Environmental Company"

Ben Boothe and Associates, (Environmental Solutions) was just named as winner of the environmental section of the BEST OF 2006 special September 5th issue of the Fort Worth Weekly Newspaper. Called the most "Enviro-Friendly Business" in North Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth Area), the article in part said:

Ben B.BootheFrom a clean water project in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to consulting for development of green neighborhoods in Arizona, Ohio, Texas and Florida to environmental impact research and impact studies on a old bombing range in Arlington, Texas, Ben Boothe is proving that you can go green and make a buck at the same time. Author, sometime political candidate, and head of a multinational financial consulting firm, Boothe added environmental consulting to his portfolio 10 years ago. The move was based on his belief that global warming is the single greatest threat to the planet, and on an entreprenuer's vision of turning changing times into profit.

His clients range from governments to municipalities to private investors and developers, but in each case his message is clear: "GREEN IS PROFITABLE, IT IMPROVES LIVING STANDARDS, AND THE PUBLIC WANTS IT," he said. "THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE WAY AHEAD OF OUR GOVERNMENT ON THIS ISSUE." Boothe's firm has also worked on military bases with nuclear waste, and other contamination, to help remediate these so they can be converted to industrial parks.

Certified Environmental ( has worked on new residential developments to clear the way for environmental compliance, and Boothe has worked in land mine removal in Cambodia. The firm has done contaminated soil projects, contaminated water projects, and worked to protect natural vegetation and forests. One project was noted with appreciation by officials in Ecuador.