Ethanol? Why and Why Not?

General Motors recently announced a policy to encourage it's employees to use Ethanol. It also announced that it was encouraging fuel companies to provide more Ethanol pumps at fuel stations. This is a good indication that even the most traditional industries, see the merits of this alternative fuel.

Ethanol, now is the time!Environmental Solutions and BBAA LLC are doing national work on ethanol projects. With over 100 new ethanol plants projected to be built in the next few years, we have developed special expertise and research, and are doing consulting, environmental reports, appraisals and even finding financing and investors for ethanol projects!

Ethanol, takes farm crops such as corn, wheat, or even grasses, and converts the crops into fuel for vehicles. More and more people are converting to Ethanol, and more gas stations are starting to provide ethanol pumps.

Why should you consider Ethanol?

  1. It is popular, the people want to help the environment
  2. It is economic, and saves money on fuel
  3. It is good for the environment
  4. It helps the domestic farm economy

We believe there are some good things about Ethanol, and are working with people throughout the USA and in Europe on research and projects. Learning how to increase efficiency and how to increase profitability. We are sharing that information in the form of consulting reports, Ethanol business projections, techincal advice, appraisals, and environmental consulting. But, we also point out some questions:

1. What is the impact upon precious water supplies, in making ethanol?

2. Will Ethanol production artificially force the price of corn or other food products up in America?

3. When all costs are considered, is Ethanol economically feasible?

4. Are the funding, grants and support for Ethanol purely idealistic are are they politically motivated?

In the meantime, Ethanol at least encourages some creative thinking in energy and environmental issues. We believe efficiencies of production will improve and if so, and in the meantime we encourage you to consider ethanol, urge your local gasoline provider to make it available, and contact us if you have a need for feasibility studies or appraisals in this growing industry.