Water... Test and warning signs for your city

Consider these facts when you think of your city or community. According to Merrill Lynch, an estimated $662 billion will be needed for water infrastructure rebuilding over the next 20 years. Most cities are already behind.

Cities such as Fort Worth, Texas, have long thought they were in "good shape". But if trends of consumption, weather, and increased depletion continue, these cities will be facing huge needs in the future.

The 'water industry' is currently a $420 BILLION market.

Global water consumption raised six fold between 1900-1995, more than double the rate of population growth. (World Resource Institute)

Here is a test, to see if your city may be showing "red flags" on water issues:

In most water systems these are the elements that drive water use: (Source, Power Shares Capital Management, and Water Resources)

  1. POPULATION GROWTH (for example, Fort Worth was named one of the "fastest growing cities, in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.)
  2. Degradation of Water Supplies (for example, Fort Worth has shown some loss of water resources)
  3. Resource sustainablility (for example, 7 years of drought have lowered all lakes in the area)
  4. Climate changes (drought already mentioned)
  5. Geopolitical instability
  6. Aging Water Infrastructure (what about the old Lake Bridgeport, Eagle Mountain and Lake Worth systems? They are hardly used for human consumption now)
  7. Convergent Technologies (How does defense, industry, pollution, and the new technologies of production impact water in this area???)

Of the 7 points, Fort Worth, Texas hits 6 of the warning signs. Perhaps this should be heeded by the citizens of Fort Worth. HOW DOES YOUR CITY RANK?