Bush Budget 2006 Analysis Impacts Upon Environment

The budget is a mixed bag. But it appears that the results of many of the budget items confirm what many economists expected.

Bush Budget Changes AmericaThis administration's combined tax cuts, while increasing expenses through war, homeland security, and playing catch up on natural disasters, is cutting hundreds of millions from social services.

Medicare, social security, aid for farmers, aid for poor, aid for college loans, are all taking a beating. But, the environment is suffering from this budget as well. Notice the following items, and how the environment is going to suffer.

Polls show that most taxpayers don't want to see the environment further damaged. Most Americans, indeed a substantial majority of people of the entire world, want clean air, water, food, and ample forests, clean lakes and rivers.

During the state of the union address President Bush got his loudest applause, from both sides of the aisle, when he said that he wanted energy efficient autos, and wanted to break the USA's dependency upon foreign oil. Within hours, V.P. Dick Cheney was making media appearances assuring the oil industry around the world, that nothing would come of this initiative. It was Cheney, years ago, who killed the effort in Congress, to impose higher mileage requirements on the auto industry. Apparently, he still supports the "big oil, big fuel consumption automotive" fraternity.

What are your ideas regarding these cuts. Are there programs you