Disappearing Lakes, More Global Warming!

With over development, too much farming, too much irrigation, and world temperature increases, we are observing deadly results. More droughts, rivers have stopped flowing and underground aquafers are shrinking.

Dry Lakes All Over the WorldLakes are disappearing in record numbers, not before seen in history. This is causing entire populations to migrate, often in economic distress. The socio-economic impacts are staggering.

A trip through the western United States will show hundreds of local lakes that no longer exist, or have dropped so much that piers are long distances from water.

A trip through Mexico or Latin America will show similar losses of lakes. But as with the rivers, local people seem to think that the loss of “their” lake is an isolated event. It is not. Lakes are shrinking and often disappearing throughout the world. As a member of our "Global Family" we can provide Global Perspectives to our readers. We ask you to assist with this research.

Here are just a few of the major lakes that are shrinking in alarming volume:

And thousands of lakes around the world.

Help us document the loss of lakes that you have observed. In the comments section, share with your “global family” the name, location, former size, and any details about lakes that you have observed shrinking or disappearing.