Bush Visit to Mongolia

Bush with Mongolian man

The Mongolia that George W. Bush sees, is not the same Mongolia of 15 years ago. It is a growing country, with expanding prosperity, intelligent people, technologically advanced, and an entire generation of progressive young people.

I should know, as I have been visiting Mongolia now since the early 1990's, when it first threw off the shackles of Russia and the Soviet Union. Mongolia, when I first arrived had few consumer goods, the nation was financially bankrupt, and the political situation was unstable.

Mongolia's people are friendly to Americans, but not stupid. They understand how to balance their needs in light of being land locked by Russia and China. But they also know how to curry favor with the United States and other nations.

Mongolians grow tired of Americans, and other visitors who "talk" but do not follow through with firm actions.

So Mongolian leaders expect tangible results, not just "symbolic words" from the visit of the U.S. president. In light of the repeated bad luck of this president in every foreign stop, Mongolia may well be the bright spot on his itenerary.

Mongolian Leaders Need U.S.A. Friendship

China's visit by George Bush, had colorful moments, but yielded little success for the embattled U.S. president. Mongolia may be a different experience. While Mongolians need the United States as a friend to survive, George W. Bush needs their friendship as well. His international trips have yielded few nations where people have accepted him in kindness, due largely to the foreign policy and war in Iraq.

But Mongolia and Bush both need positive results from this short visit by Bush. Mongolia needs the prestige to stabilize the government, and to encourage new U.S. investment in Mongolia. Bush needs the people back home to see him doing something positive, before he returns to Crawford, only to face more war protestors waiting for him at the Crawford Ranch.

Mongolia does not come empty handed, or begging. The nation has the largest copper mines in the world. It has developing petroleum resources, and it's gold and other natural resources are significant.

Mongolia also offers a strategic "listening" post for the U.S., posititioned directly between Russian and China. Many believe that Bush will lobby for establishment of permanent military bases in Mongolia.

But what will Bush offer? Loans from the World Bank. Funding of the Millineum Fund? Exchange programs for Mongolians and Americans? All of those things have been the works for some time, although results have consistently been disappointing to Mongolians, because of slow implimentation and repeated cut backs by the USA. So the world, the USA and Mongolia wait to see what George W. Bush will actually deliver to Mongolia. We all hope it is tangible and meaningful for Mongolians and Americans as well.

Mongol Kids

How Can You Help Economic Development In Mongolia

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