Katrina, New Orleans, USA and World Relations

These are strange times. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the first major problem the United States faced was a shortage of oil. Many of the oil rigs, refineries, and producers were knocked out by the hurricane.

After KatrinaThe first country to offer to help was Venezuela. Chavez, offered the USA whatever oil it needed in this crisis. Chavez, in a touch of class, ignored Bush's friend, Pat Robertson, when he suggested that the USA assassinate Chavez. Instead, he was the first to offer to help. "Whatever amount of oil you need, we will donate as a country".

The response of the Bush Administration was: "No...we don't like you. We won't take your oil." Within the next few days oil and gasoline prices hit the highest levels in recent history, and some Americans had to wait in line because of gas shortages.

The second country that offered to help the USA was Cuba. This was surprizing, because it is known that Bush has repeatedly insulted the Castro government. Cuba offered over 100 doctors, at no charge, to help in the devestated areas of America. Bush responded: "No"

The third offer of help was even more surprizing. The Red Cross offered to go in, provide food, supplies, and medical help to the people in New Orleans the first day. The Red Cross was blocked....and for 5 days, those people suffered, some died. Apparently the Bush Administration was in a power struggle with Louisianna authorities....so...aid that was there and available was not allowed in.

It is strange when we are so arrogant or proud or insecure that we will not take help when we need it, from friends and foes alike.