Where is Ben Boothe?

Most of the time I have found it wise to "Be where you are."  Thus, I am, where I am, and am there (here) every day.  I am here.

Ben by the Ocean after a surgery.Many have written from around the world asking where I have been, and why there have been no newsletters recently. I have not been hiding. Several new issues hit my life and hopefully I have learned and will continue to learn from the experience.

1st, I have been subject to a divorce action that has taken an enormous emotional, financial toll. My position has consistently been that every person should be directed and moved in the direction of love and peace in their lives. The divorce process continues, motivated often by fear, anger, greed and negative emotions, and my primary goal has been to move forward and to build a new life, learning from all that life has taught me. It has taught me how important it is to try to create a better life that is even fuller and more enriched.

2nd, I have had a problem with cancer. This entailed extensive travels, consultations, treatments and surgery with some of the world's best medical minds. This has taught me humility, the precious nature of life and how little time each of us has. It has also taught me how precious every day is. As for me, I live every day as if it were my last, and hope for many more years. Hopefully I will outlive all of my doctors. 

3rd, I have deeply considered and meditated on the importance of loving relationships. It is my measured opinion that no man or woman can be complete without a rich and passionate loving relationship. I have sought to find the love and joy that can sustain a happy and rich emotional life. To that end, my love to a special person is a gift that I will give for the rest of my day, living to devote myself to cherishing a special person, worthy of my energy, attention, and devotion.

4th, I continue to see the folly of the new IMPERIAL AMERICA and the cost to our country in blood, moral strength, and treasure. I see other ignorant nations imitating the USA using the "war on Terror" to eliminate civil rights and to gain political power. Just as Hitler made the "Jews" a "straw-man" to hate and focus negative emotions on, leaders of the world have made "terrorists" their tool to manipulate the masses. Our country makes more and more mistakes in foreign policy, in attempts to buttress up "business cronies" and sustain the ignorant egos of ideologues and religious fanatics. I continue to observe mistakes in domestic policies of nations throughout the world, neglecting the needs of society while catering to the needs of big business and the rich. Often the greed and lack of integrity of big business is cause for war and suffering, and I work to try to understand that and be a visionary consultant to try to help business learn to make money and be loyal to "human issues". I am appalled at the suffering of innocent children, and uneducated poor women of the world. I am grieved when I see powerful people of nations around the world allowing our globe to be raped and the environment destroyed. But I am also annoyed by oversensitive fanatics who would stop progress dead, by over zealous endeavors. I saw a $40,000,000 project, that an entire county and city wanted, destroyed, because a Washington beurocrat made us put cameras in trees in the woods adjacent to the property to assure there were no endangered squirrels there. There were no squirrels, but the delays killed the project, and cost the community hundreds of needed jobs.  I have seen ICE people climing under desks looking for a trace of mold, after a rain storm, closing down huge prisons, causing counties millions in losses,  based upon environmental concerns when a wipe with a touch of Clorine would have solved the problem.  What I suggest is that common sense and wisdom is needed in matters like these. It seems to be lacking in big business and in government. 

5th, Even from my hospital bed, pre and post surgery,  I have taken measures to encourage those who have the courage to speak for women's rights, environmental responsibility, social justice, and simple application of the Biblical Golden Rule: "Do unto others and you would do unto yourself". I am determined, that if medical science can give me another 10 or 20 or 30 years, that I will devote my public life to promoting the welfare of the innocents, the poor, the simple and those who have been left behind. I will devote my energy to the development of economic and social policies that have a conscience consistent with the ethic of every great religion on earth, an ethic of love and compassion that seems to be silent in our political temples and many religious temples as well. And I will devote my life to the "Global Generation" of enlightened and connected people who want to make a difference in this world.

Challenge: To this end I offer you, my friend, this challenge. Join me in a battle, from every nation on earth, to take your government back, to put leaders in place who have conscience and ethical values, and to have courage to overcome the power and manipulations of the soul-less corporate mentality that has too often has no conscience, and no motivation except greed. Join me in speaking out, by your words, your voice, and your actions to contribute something positive to this world. I challenge you to avoid radicals and fanatics and to encourage them to join you and take the "middle way" in finding solutions that are balanced, intellectual and compassionate.

In all of these things I am your friend. I have confidence in my friends and have confidence in you.  I will support you with my articles, my personal visits, speeches, writings, my resources, contacts and what energy I have. You are my friend, let me know how that I can be of encouragement to you. If I can be with you and support you, I will, just let me know how. I know that friends and loved ones are the most special things we have on this earth. I will help if I can. As a member of "Global Perspectives" you are a part of a global movement. Thanks for who and what you are.