Soldiers Returning Home from Iraq Become Peace Activists

Reports from Iraq indicate that more and more U.S. troops, coming home have been converted to peace activism. The reality of the cruelty and hoax of the war is taking its toll on our boys in uniform.

The New York Times, Sunday January 23rd edition reported the story of Sean Huze. Sean went to Iraq, fully behind the war. "Red White and Blue" he called himself. But now, all of his views have changed. He now opposes the war.

Two organizations: OPERATION TRUTH and IRAQ VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR are organized and consists of American soldiers who have come home to fight for peace.

Corporal Huze said: "In Iraq I came to the conclusion that W.M.D.'s weren't there and that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11." Then he continued: "I felt this sense of betrayal. I was full of rage and depression. I don't think I can every have the blind trust in the government like I had before."

This is just the beginning. Thousands of U.S. soldiers will be permanently affected by this war. We as Americans, by allowing our government to send them, will have to look them in the eye some day, and tell them how sorry we are, that they fought, killed, and some died, because we didn't have the strength to make our politicians tell the truth.