Flooding and tidal wave kills thousands in Asia

Dear Friends, The natural disaster will have economic and social implications for years. But the immediate needs call for our response now. It is estimated that this natural disaster will cost billions.

Tsunami destructionNow, people are needing medical care, clean water, transportation, lodging. But in a few days the economic reality will set in and governments will realize that billions will be required to fix the problems. We want to help. We want to give you as an individual the opportunity to help.

The US government has pledged "moral support" and some financial help, but it is a drop in the bucket. Our deficits, because of the war in Iraq don't allow the USA to do what it normally could. The current U.S. government leadership is not up to a proper response to this, in international skill, in philosophy, and does not have the resources available financially.

Thus it is going to be up to individuals, churches and private organizations. If you want to help as an individual, I can assure you that I will get the funds into the hands of reputable people and agencies on the ground there, that will help. Call me or my office for information. Ben Boothe and Associates, Inc. 817-738-9595


When tragedy happens, when life sends pain and loss, we as humans must respond with compassion. Of all times, it is now time to put away prejudice, and socio/religious barriers, and accept that we are "brothers and sisters" of all humanity. When our family suffers, we are a part of that. And we should respond with kindness and generosity. I encourage you to consider the children who have lost their parents. The parents who are searching for their children. The man who has lost a wife. The grandparents who are now homeless. Over one million people in Asia awoke this morning, without a home, a bed, and have to deal with the reality that the ocean simply washed it all away. My message is simple. Part of the "family" is in need...find a way in your daily life...to help in a tangible way.