Most dangerous to the World and to the United States


Jim Wright, Ben Boothe and Don Woodard

I was privileged to have lunch today with former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Honorable Jim Wright, and former candidate for mayor and Texas Congress, Don Woodard today. I posed a question for these two experienced and wise men of American history.

“Take party, Democrat or Republican out of the equation. Considering that you are both patriots, Americans who love your country and who have studied your nation’s history here is the question: WHAT IS THE MOST DANGEROUS TREND OR POLICY THAT THE U.S.A. HAS THAT WILL IMPACT THE WORLD, AND THE MOST DANGEROUS TREND OR POLICY FOR THE UNITED STATES.”

Without hesitation, Don Woodard said: “The policy of preemptive war is the most dangerous policy for the world that the United States has ever undertaken. By initiating this policy the world is more dangerous, less stable, and it emboldens renegade nations to also adopt preemptive war.” I looked at Jim Wright and he said: “I agree with that absolutely.”

Then Jim Wright spoke and said: “The most dangerous policy for the United States is the disregard for our national debt and the irresponsible way that it has grown into a budget that will penalize generations to come. The part that disturbs me most is that the tax cuts and poor management tend to enrich the wealthy as they bankrupt our nation.”

Then Don and Jim both spoke about the U.S. settlement account and how that the U.S. deficit is growing at a rate of $1.8 billion per day. Then they said: “The irony of this is that both of the above “dangerous” policies are related to Iraq. It is the “Preemptive War” that has caused most of the deficit, they declared.