Israel, Time for a Divorce...or Perhaps a Friendly Seperation

The policy of continued fighting, killing, murders and deaths that Israel is pouring upon the Palestinian people is outrageous. Isn't it time that reasonable people around the world call out and say enough! This does not mean that we support terrorism. Not at all. We simply support peace, human rights, and the simple rights of these poor people to live their lives without being "terrorized" by Israel.

Jews rule USAThe most powerful political lobby in the world, is Israel's lobby in Washington D.C. Politicians fear the anger of Israel, and few politicians in America have had courage, or the will to fight the "Jewish" lobby. President Jimmy Carter tried to control Israel, but was strongly attacked by the Israeli lobby. Presidents from Gerald Ford to Bill Clinton tried to distance the USA from Israel, but were met with huge political pressure from Israel's "paid" friends in the USA.

Here and now, let me say something. I am not afraid of Israel and it's paid minions. What I do fear, is the danger to the United States, if the American people do not become aware of the problem. Furthermore, it is time for intellectuals and leaders to speak up. Enough is enough! This love affair with Israel has evolved into one of America's oldest courtships, and some believe a "marriage" of international policy. Yet, there are aspects of this relationship with Israel that increasingly suggest that the American people, and the U.S. Government, might do well to divorce the nation of Israel. There are many reasons, not the least of which are the daily headlines.

Today Israeli forces launched a 6th day of a massive offensive in the Gaza Strip, with an air strike that killed several in the Jabalya refugee camp. More than 200 tanks rolled out of Israel into the area after a Palestinian rocket killed 2 children in a border town. At least 67 Palestinian's have been killed in this Israeli response, including civilians, and a woman jogger. The United Nations has repeatedly cited Israel as a violator of International law, but the U.N. Security Council continues to be under pressure from Israel's "Spouse", the USA as it raised objections to U.N. efforts to adopt a resolution to end the violence. U.S. Ambassador John Danforth said that Israel was justified in these actions due to the war on terror. But the argument wore thin, even with U.S. friends.

The British Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry said: "There is strong support for the resolution". Yet the United States ostensibly supports these violent attacks and killings, because it does not have the will to fight with it's Israeli spouse.

These news stories are just recent examples of a large number of military actions by Israel, that always seem to create great anguish and suffering to the Palestinian people, every time there is a pretext of terrorism. One must wonder if Israel has not become what it seems to hate most.a military terrorist. As the world sees photos of homes being "dozed" down, women and children made homeless by Israeli bombs and rockets, and even innocents being killed.we ask.who is causing the most terror. Yesterday, a deaf and dumb man was shot down by Israeli soldiers for not answering to a soldier's call.

And we as people of intellect must ask.should America continue this marriage with Israel?

A few points to consider.

  1. America provides Israel with over $2 Billion per year.much of which is used to purchase weapons from American arms manufacturers.
  2. America is paying some $400 Billion for the war on Iraq, which according to George W. Bush's statement 4 days ago, "Our efforts in Iraq are largely intended to provide security for Israel"
  3. America seems to have little control over Israeli foreign policy or military actions.
  4. Israel's policies have polarized 1/5th of the world's population, especially Arab nations, and created the fuel for continued violence throughout the region.
  5. Israel's lobby in America has directed U.S. politicians to spend more and more of U.S. tax dollars, in support of Israeli causes, even though these policies seem to disrupt human rights, peace, and even international law.
  6. Many observers believe that 9/11 and other terrorist's attacks would never have occurred except for America's relationship to Israel.
  7. Problems in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, all have roots in the policies and support of the USA for Israel.

Our nation invaded Iraq, on the excuse that it was a source of terrorism. That has now been thoroughly disproved. Some have said that the United States attacking Iraq in response to 9/11 would be like bombing Mexico because of Pearl Harbor. It could be that our relationship with Israel has had more to do with terrorism in the world, than Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Korea combined. Does Israel have the right to survive? Yes, of course if it is willing to do so peacefully. But so do the other peoples of that region.