Continued Fight for Freedom in Hong Kong

Two weeks ago we posted an article from Hong Kong, telling of the recent elections and the desire for more freedom from residents of Hong Kong. It seems that someone (we think from China) hacked our system to try to delete that article. They don't get it in China. In this new world of vast communications they cannot just hide or block out truth.  Truth, facts, reporting, and freedom of speech is what the internet is all about. 

I wrote of seeing the streets fill with armed police and soldiers one morning and reminded our readers of the encroaching loss of freedoms people in Hong Kong fear. China continues to respond by “chipping away” at human rights and freedoms in Hong Kong.

Today, China announced new regulations to put “reporters” and news publications under stricter control by the central Chinese communist government. The people of Hong Kong have long realized what an economic miracle the city is, but that miracle came largely as a result of the British determination for open trade policies and freedom of economic growth.

Hong Kong people often do not think of themselves as “Chinese” but as a people unto themselves. And in many respects they are right. Hong Kong, at times, seems like an independent economy and has generated more balance of trade deposits than the entire nation of China.

But, the tired old Communist leaders in Beijing cannot seem to cope with independence or freedom, and would rather have “control” than success. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chinese central government cook up some concept of “terrorism” in Hong Kong, so as to do (as other nations around the world have done) use the “War on Terror” to increase government control over their people.

To the people of Hong Kong, we say, “The enlightened people of the world are on your side” and we wish you well. Truth and freedom eventually do emerge and prevail.