Special Report: From Hong Kong and Seoul


In Hong Kong, the people just finished a new election. They continue to press the central government of China for a true democracy and for more civil liberties. The city is on of a kind in the world, one of the most impressive and beautiful cities on earth.

Yet, while there, one morning the streets filled with armed guards and police...the government there is sensitive and scared that the people will gain "too much" democracy and freedom. Hong Kong, like information, wants to be free. No political power can forever hold back the simple desire of people for freedom.


All the talk in Korea is still about the explosion in North Korea that shook the earth from 100 miles around and blew a mountain away. North Korea has been slow to release any details but an explosion of this magnitude is a certain way to get attention. We can only imagine that there are a few military leaders who have been fired or imprisoned for the mistake that told the world something it didn't really want to know about North Korea. South Korea continues to expand and progress, North Korea continues to stagnate.

Two nations, similar climate, language, culture. Why does one prosper and the other suffer? Is it political? Is there some difference in the water or the soil? Does freedom give such new energy and power in a nation?


We received this letter from a friend in Asia, and thought it conveyed words worthy of repetition:

"Dear Ben,

I just went through your new website. We have same understanding of mixing religion with politics very dangerous. I had been trying to educated people by saying, Is there any difference when we are born. Is there any difference when we die. There is no difference, then why I am this why I am that.

Please educate your children either in Asia, Africa, America, Arab, Europe, we are human beings. Believe in humanity and try to help people in suffering and this is the religion.

Till then many regards.

Pasang Wangdu"