Security: D.C. is an Armed Camp


Under siege

In Washington D.C. recently, I went by to see my good friend, Congressman Ralph Hall. Ralph offices in the Rayburn House Office Building, just across from the Capital building. The RHOB is connected to the capital by an underground tunnel subway, so that members of Congress can go to the House of Representatives, and vote, without ever going outside.

But this time the roads were blocked. The side streets that lead to the parking areas for the HOB's (House Office Buildings), were all blocked with concrete barricades and armed guards. I had to drive completely around several blocks of "secured" streets, to finally find a vacant lot that was someone's side yard, to park on.

Later, I went to see the White House. The entire area around the White House is cordoned off. Pennsylvania Avenue is closed. You can't even walk near enough to the White House to get a photograph of it.

It seemed that every street corner of Washington D.C. had a barricade or an armed guard. It reminded me of some third world Banana Republic.

Congressman Ralph Hall told me: "It will take 20 years for us to correct this over reaction. Much of this "Security" stuff is overblown and politically motivated." He said.

Now with the release of the Congressional Security Inquiries, it is obvious that our government failed the American people. It is obvious that the Democrats and Republicans will continue to make it a political issue.

The basic question we must ask is this: WHERE DOES A NATION DRAW THE LINE BETWEEN SECURITY AND THE LOSS OF FREEDOM? It is a question that nations all over the world are dealing with, especially in light of the contrived "War on Terror" that has been articulated by George W. Bush.

In Washington D.C, the American people can't even walk by and see "the People's House". They can't enter the Capital Building, the House or the Senate, (the very heart of freedom of America) without extensive lines, searches, appointments, and restrictions. The center of freedom of the world, under the current watch has become dark, chained, and fear bound. The bright city that sits on a hill is dimmed, because Homeland Security, has dimmed many of the spotlights that highlighted our beautiful landmarks.

As for me, one American, who has loved and enjoyed Washington D.C., I resent and reject the notion that a Bin Laden or an attorney general such as John Ashcroft, or a political appointee such as Tom Ridge should be allowed to use fear mongering, and take away our freedoms. If it is a choice of the freedom to enjoy my nation, or to have to endure so much security that it feels like I'm in a concentration camp, most Americans will pick freedom. As for the fear mongering, our message to U.S. leaders is: Don't rattle our chains with threats and warnings, just to protect your political survival.

Let's live as a nation of powerful, victorious Americans, not shrink in fear every time you hear some poor radical's phone or email message. As for me, I'd enjoy a few moments of private quality time with Osama Bin Laden. I believe that after hearing the benefits of the program from this American he would have an understanding. For sure, I have no fear of that bearded wonder and his band of misfits. Neither should you. Take away the fear, and you have destroyed their power and the power of our own government to manipulate us.