Political Upsets...Money Talks! Sometimes though the People Stand Up!

Two articles ago we reported the amazing and unexpected political “upset” in India, a case where the ruling party in office was ousted in a last minute change that was contrary to polls and the expectations of political experts.

Vote countingIt seemed that the people of India, instinctively rebelled against the idea of big money and big power controlling their government. We wondered if it might represent a change that could sweep the world.


Last Sunday, in Mongolia, the National Elections again, registered a huge upset, not expected by anyone. The ruling MPRP was shown by all polls to be substantially ahead. They had money, media, and organizational backing. But at the last moment, the people of Mongolia suddenly rebelled, and the Parliament now is split 36 seats MPRP, 36 Democrats, and 4 representing independents or other parties. The ruling party, the MPRP has “Rejected” the results citing irregularities, but the fact remains, that this is now a new government, that will be evenly matched, perhaps if the independents vote with the Democrats the trend of the entire government will change. Democracy is hard, when you lose the vote, and the ruling MPRP leaders are learning that the hard way. Ex Prime Minister Amarjargal, was at one time leader of the Democratic Party in Mongolia. They wouldn’t give him the district he desired, so he ran as an Independent and won his seat in Parliament. Therefore, he now could be a “Swing Vote” and thus one of the more influential politicians in Mongolia. How things change quickly in politics.

So, we do see the “Winds of Change” sweeping around the world. We must wonder what the implications will be for the United States, China, Germany, and England as the people of the world seem to be taking destiny in their own hands.


In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, there are long lines of young people, numbering in the thousands, in front of the University buildings of Mongolia. It is enrollment time for the University. At one building, 3000 students stood in line overnight, to compete for 52 student positions at the University. This can be seen again and again in Mongolia. It is the lucky few who get an opportunity for an education of their choice. There simply are not enough classrooms, teachers, and money to educate all of the youth who long to achieve their aspirations. Those in more prosperous nations, where students can “pick” their college and their educational direction, should take note. A good example of social consciousness is in India.

In Pune, India, the International Institute of Information Technology is a leading University, teaching high tech computer skills. Some of the most talented people in the IT world teach and attend this University. But, in the case of this University, they have a wealthy founder, benefactor, Mr. P.P. Chabria, who has devoted millions of dollars, and his life to seeing that these students get the best educational opportunity.

In Mumbai, India, the Somaiya Trust, (created by the Somaiya family who became wealthy in the sugar industry), founded Somaiya’s Unversity. Again, it is totally funded by the generosity of private individuals. As a result, thousands of youth in India enjoy an education. Wealthy businessmen like Chabria and Somaiya are good examples to the world, illustrating idealism, and social responsibility.


As we have predicted, interest rate trends in the United States are seeing upward pressures. This will slow housing, and commercial real estate expansion. In the meantime, in Asia, interest rate trends in some nations are in a downward turn. For example, in one nation where we are active, we have seen CD (certificate of deposit) rates decline from 17% per annum to 15% per annum. We continue to search for and identify good places for people to reap high returns on their cash deposits and if you desire the results of our research, email Ben at: benbboothe@msn.com


The polls appear to be in a dead heat. 46% favor Bush 46% favor Kerry. 8% are undecided or for Nader. The only significant change of significance is that 54% of Americans now believe the War in Iraq was a mistake. This should work in favor of Kerry and against Bush. But, money talks and a few very wealthy men have paid for an expensive campaign to slander Kerry.  So, unlike India, will money buy another election for the "fat cats"?  We will see. Kerry is a good man, a war hero and an experienced and respected politician. Bush no doubt got the USA into a war based upon lies and manipulation.  So, we will wait and see. 

We are always interested in reports from your world.