Who Takes the Fall?

The questions relating to 9/11 and the Iraqi war have global connotations.

Condi and W1. Richard Clark's book: AGAINST ALL ENEMIES flatly suggested that the Bush Administration did not do enough to prepare for, or to avoid 9/11.

2. Then Bush's security advisor, Condoleezza Rice, testified that there were no indications of any real threat of hijackings or bombings by al Qaeda in the United States. Ironically, the Bush held off on releasing a document, until after she testified, that was dated August 6, indicating that a plane might be used as a terrorist weapon by al Qaeda in the United States. This may lead to questions of perjury, and it is possible that Condoleezza Rice will be a "fall" person, to try to protect the President. W has long considered "Condi" a favorite, and it may pay off for him now. 

3. Bush's Secretary of the Treasury (O'Neal) has written: "Bush wanted to invade Iraq from the 1st day he was in office."

4. Both the FBI and CIA told Bush that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Here's the logic. Clark says: "They were asleep at the wheel." Rice says: "No, we were right on top of everything." O'Neal says: "Bush wanted an excuse to invade Iraq." The FBI and CIA say: "9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq" but then it was used as an excuse by Bush to invade Iraq anyway.

5. Then comes a memo directly to Bush, well ahead of 9/11 saying: "There may be a hijacking of an airplane to be used in the USA." The logic traps Bush into a corner. It seems to imply either that he knew it was coming and wanted something to happen so he could justify a war in Iraq. Or, that they simply were not responding to warnings aggressively enough. Some agencies such as the FAA have indicated that they were never told of the impending "hijacking" or the message that Rice and Bush say they gave to all government agencies asking them to increase their guard.

This is an issue that will not go away. Thus, Bush's unprecedented speech to the American people was decided to try to remove doubt that his administration, as Richard Clark has said: "Failed to protect the American people".

FACT: It was on Bush's watch that it happened.

In the meantime, more Americans are dying in Iraq with reports of the highest casualties since this war began. Bush made a speech in Crawford, Texas this week, saying: "Iraq is much safer today." This was contrasted by headlines of heavy casualties and the highest violence in Iraq since the war began. Americans did not miss the point. It appeared that this President was either not in touch with reality, or that he was again trying to mislead the American people. No wonder that more people are beginning to believe that this is a war that the American people may have been manipulated into supporting. The question American's are asking, "Is it worth it?" And the world is asking, "Will American's allow a president to do wars like this in other nations?"

But yet another deep and tragic question is being repeated by the families of U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq. "Did my son or daughter die for a war based upon a lie?"


We continue to monitor trends on foreign students enrolling in American universities. This year foreign student enrollment has dropped 32%. Many universities are suggesting that this is a deep problem, both for the Universities, but for future competitiveness of the United States in the globe. The problem is caused by increased pressure from Homeland Security. Pressure is on the Bush Administration to make changes to this policy. Also, huge injustices are being reported in immigration policy. Thousands of legitimate people around the world are being turned away or rejected by INS. The concept of the Statue of Liberty, the "melting pot" the land of opportunity, is systematically being destroyed. Wise people in America are calling for a review of U.S. policies.