Global Vibrations

Dear Friend,

Global Vibration

Consider the negative energy that was released on 9/11. I've thought of it like a pool of water, that suddenly has a rock thrown into it. Ripples spread all over the pond. Consider the situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India...more ripples...then consider the situation in Israel...yet more ripples.

Until the pond is not a beautiful calm reflection, but the surface a troubled crashing of ripples against ripples.

The world we live in now is a mass of violence, conflicting powers. With this letter, I'm calling upon you dear Friend, and all of our readers, to give your suggestions for peace. How do you calm the waters from your perspective? Your input will reviewed and we hope to do a special on "avenues to peace" from time to time.

Are the solutions:

I'd appreciate YOUR insights.

Oh for that calm, pool again.