Implication of Chinese man in space

We have repeatedly documented results of economic studies that project the progress of China relative to the world. It would appear that by 2010 to 2015 that China will be the most powerful nation on earth economically. Combine that with the largest army on earth, low labor costs, a populace with a strong work ethic, a large pool of educated technocrats and the conclusion is evident.

China will loom over the international economy with greater influence. India’s economic growth and maturity will take place a generation later, with these two nations controlling a majority of economic activity.

Therefore the launching of China’s first man into space is a huge propaganda plus for China. Yang Liwei, the 38 year old Chinese pilot will orbit the earth 14 times and then land Thursday. The Shenshou V spacecraft symbolizes the move of China from cheap trade goods to a nation with high technical skills. Chinese President Hu Jintao was present to the Jiuquan launch site and saw the historic event in person.

Some strategists worried that this is the beginning of the end of dominance of space by the USA and Russia. Others suggested that it could have negative military implications, especially to counter the U.S.A.’s Pentagon plan to put an “eye in the sky’ that could strike any spot on earth from a military space platform circling the earth. The Chinese are saying: “We are players now.” In doing so they are announcing that no realm will be without Chinese influence.