Global Investment Opportunities

"Many people ask, where would you invest in the world?" For the global person, who would like to see some interesting places, or find interesting investment opportunities, here is a list of ideas. Dear readers, I'd love to see your ideas as well, and we'll post some of them.

Taj MahalINDIA: Real estate will be a good investment in India over the next 20 years. With a population of over 1 billion, a growing progressive business philosophy, people becoming more affluent and foreign investment pouring in billions, real estate will be a winner. Our suggestions: Mumbai, Hyderabad, the suburbs around the airport near Delhi and the mountain areas of northern India. Anywhere it is cool in India is a good real estate investment! The cooler the weather, the hotter the real estate market will be. The higher the altitude, the higher the price potential. BUT, you will need a trustworthy Indian citizen to help you.

CHINA: Chinese industry, as powerful as it is, has thousands of antiquated industrial facilities. For the good industrial manager with capital, China’s industrial plants could be excellent investments. The combination of western management, capital and cheap labor make this a good opportunity.

NEPAL: The high agricultural valleys of Nepal have a unique combination of altitude, climate, water, and sunshine. Nepal’s agricultural sector has been plagued by years of mis-management, corruption, and poverty. Good agricultural managers with modern equipment and practices can organize farming practices and enjoy the combination of inexpensive land, cheap labor, productivity, and high demand for food crops.

MONGOLIA: An influx of foreign investors, capital and companies has stimulated the taste for “western beef” in this country that has historically preferred mutton. Beef feedlots, and processing plants could take advantage of a new demand for beef products. Mongolia also has mineral reserves, and needs refining capability. Now all of Mongolia's oil is trucked to China. The first investors to build a refinery in Mongolia will reap a bonanza.

AMERICA: Any consumer product or service with “security” on it is in demand. Everything from electronics, security services, to gates and walls.

AFRICA: Precious metals and stones processing, mines are often outdated with older equipment. Uncertainties in international relationships will continue to provide a demand for source metals such as gold, silver, diamonds. Buy a mine and update it!

SRI LANKA: A source of precious and semi-precious stones, many of the mining areas traditionally were controlled by military and rebel units. Some of these mining areas show great opportunity and value for the strong of heart!

CAMBODIA: The area north of Angkor Wat near the Thai border was the area of last resort of the Khmer Rouge. For years, they financed military actions by mining and selling rubies. These operations were often primitive dredge and pit operations. There is still a rich source of rubies in Cambodia. This section, while remote is a beautiful part of Cambodia and would benefit by investors and good managers.

MCLEOUD GANJ: This village hangs on a mountain ridge over the city of Dharamsala, far in north India, in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is beautiful, cool, and as the center of the Tibetan Government in Exile a constant source of travelers, tourists, and those on religious sojourn. Above it are enclaves of beautiful town homes and villas that are reminiscent of Switzerland. It is a perfect place for your “mountain retreat home.”