Searching for weapons of mass destruction (WOMD)

We reported it first. You saw it right here in Global Perspective. That there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Then the leader of the British military in Iraq announced that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Then the leader of the U.S. military team sent to find the WOMD announced Friday that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Now the game in Washington D.C. is to spin it and shift the blame. But nothing can hide the fact that someone lied to the American people and to the world. You can be the judge of who is the guiltiest and we will make a partial list for your consideration:

  1. U.S. intelligence to the U.S. Congress
  2. Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense
  3. Colin Powel before the United Nations
  4. George Bush in over 50 speeches to the American people

So we determined to try to help. We reviewed the various reports that said that since they weren’t in Iraq that they had been moved to some unlikely hiding place. This past weekend, we went on a search for weapons of mass destruction.

First we went to the new Museum of Modern Art in Ft.Worth, Texas. That seemed like an unlikely place, just where a crazed terrorist might hide them. At the Modern Art museum we checked the inside of the vortex that stands as an iron monument in front of the museum. There were no weapons of mass destruction there.

Then we noticed in the newspaper that Roy Pope Grocery was having their 60 year anniversary party. We took into consideration Ash croft’s warnings about large public gatherings thus we figured that it had to be a perfect target for terrorists to hide WOMD. We went there. Without hesitation we went in and there was not security at the door. ANYONE could walk in with a WOMD! There was a distinguished older man shopping and we asked him if he had seen any weapons of mass destruction. “Not in the grapefruit” he chuckled. We checked with a lady at the vegetable counter and she looked in the lettuce and the broccoli. “None here” she laughed. After checking and finding none in the meat department we went to the cashier and asked him. “No sir, we don’t keep weapons of mass destruction here” he said. Well, that was enough for us.

We checked the farmer’s market in downtown Ft.Worth and none of the farmers had seen any WOMD but we came close. A lady was selling spicy hot homemade tamales and after taking a bite of that it seemed to explode in our mouths, but it wasn’t a WOMD.

We had almost given up when someone came to us. “We know where there are weapons of mass destruction.” He said in a low voice. “Where?” We asked. “The local U.S. military base. They keep them out there all the time so they can be available for the next war.” He said.

So, the expected happened. We DID find weapons of mass destruction. But they were ours own all along.


Where ever you are on this globe, we suggest that you help in the effort to find weapons of mass destruction. Write George Bush, One Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. and tell him where you have looked and where the WOMD aren’t. Perhaps with enough letters he will get a message that he needs to understand from the people of the world.