Ann Bromberg's world view of making movies, and how music means business for film!

Ann Bromberg tells of some of her film projects on BigSkyVoices.

She speaks about her new "inside" story of Peggy Seeger, the sister of Pete Seeger, and that famous song: THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOU FACE, a song which becomes important to this new movie she is making. 

It is a romantic story of how that song changed lives, brought financial success and transformed the characters from "struggling artists" to enjoying unexpected affluence. 

Peggy Seeger  

She was a pretty young woman who loved to dress in Italian, stylish clothes. She also sang and played a banjo. She simply impressed a generation of young men, swept them off of their feet!  She still has an impressive image.

One of the men who loved her dearly soon found a surprise. She fell in love with another, and you need to see the video at imbedded into the article about Ann to get the punch line.  

Ann Bromberg's movie, filmed in London, brings home some personal interviews into the mix. We learn that Peggy Seeger is still thinking about "success" in her own terms, by her definition, not that of others. 



Ann Bromberg is a movie maker with a sensitive touch and creative mind. But her films go to places even farther than London. One of her films packed with New Mexico and Old Mexico talent is a docudrama about a young Mexican boy and the risks he takes to immigrate to the USA, only to determine that the "dream" didn't fit the reality. The United States was harder to succeed in than he expected. He went back to Mexico because he decided that he loved Mexico more (defining his own life), that those idealistic dreams of the USA.



Another film set in Africa is about a person with a dream 

to care for the health of people there, and how with a prayer and a song they made it happen.   




Then Ann Bromberg travelled to Cuba and documented the people and the unrealized dreams of the revolution -- the reality of punishing poverty that the Cuban people must endure. Cubans love their nation, but sometimes find it financially difficult to live. The pictures tell it all.


BIG SKY VOICES (Victor Waumett and Ben Boothe Sr.) interviewed Ann Bromberg in a delightful visit now posted on BigSkyVoices, You tube or embedded in the article at:

Ann Bromberg is an artistic genius and an inspiration to other emerging film makers. She has won awards in several nations and is featured at the Smithsonian and six other museums for her body of work. See her speak in this interview and follow her efforts to finish her latest creations. Or if you can catch her shadow, call her up and invite her to lunch ... you will find her real, charming and approachable. No doubt she is a treasure chest of talent.